Attribute Support

You may require that a configuration be customized for every device. For instance, you may wish to have a lock screen message that displays the name of the device, allowing users to know which device they are using without unlocking it first and going to the Settings app. Attribute support is useful in these scenarios.

Attributes act as variables and are enclosed in double brackets. If using the device name attribute, for instance, you would use {{device_name}}. As an administrator, you can insert these attribute variables and SimpleMDM will automatically replace them with a device-specific value for each device. In our above example, the lock screen message could be set to read:
The serial number of this device is {{serial_number}}.

Within SimpleMDM, features will display an "attribute support" label. This means that attributes can be used with this feature. Hovering over this label provides a quick view of the available attributes for use.

In addition to the attributes referenced in the quick view, custom attributes can also be defined for an account. 

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