Connecting a VPP Account

What is the Apple Volume Purchase Program?

The Apple Volume Purchase Program (VPP) allows organizations to:
  • Purchase, share, and revoke App Store app licenses with devices in SimpleMDM.
  • Push an App Store app to a device using SimpleMDM without prompting the device user to enter an Apple ID.
  • Gain access to private B2B app store apps, shared with them by app developers.
When paired, SimpleMDM connects to your VPP account and automatically manage and distribute app licenses to devices as needed. 

How to Connect SimpleMDM to VPP

To connect your VPP account to SimpleMDM, you will download a token file from Apple's VPP portal and upload it to SimpleMDM.

Complete the following steps to link your VPP account:
  1. Sign into your account at the Apple VPP portal.
  2. Click the drop down button in the upper right of the screen and select "Account Summary".
  3. In the "Managed Distribution" section, click the "Download Token" link.
  4. Sign into your SimpleMDM account.
  5. Click "Apps" on the left hand side of the screen.
  6. Select the "VPP" tab.
  7. Click the "Add Token" button.
  8. Select the token file you downloaded in step 3 and click "Save".
SimpleMDM is now linked to your VPP account and will begin importing your licenses automatically.

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